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We are passionate about the safe trimming and pruning back of trees that have become overgrown

Tree trimming is a great alternative to removing a tree. A qualified tree trimmer is able to remove problematic branches from a tree, saving the rest of the tree. Or if you have an unsightly tree on your property, a knowledgeable tree expert will be able to give the tree a face lift by shaping the tree into a more ascetically pleasing form. Tree trimming is improving a tree in a targeted and detailed manner in order to increase the health, appearance and safety of the tree. Tree trimming is very common and both an art and science. To guarantee that your trees are pruned to the highest standards, we require that each of our employees be trained in proper pruning techniques and that they are knowledgeable in tree biology. The benefits of properly pruned trees include not only improved visual appeal, but increased safety and resistance to storm damage and better defenses against attack by pests and pathogens. Poorly conducted pruning can cause permanent damage, and can hasten the decline or death of a tree. We have been trimming and pruning trees in Fairhope, Point Clear, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Silverhill, Foley, Robertsdale, Gulf Shores, And Mobile Alabama for decades.

Trimming back a tree in Alabama

Tree Trimming And Pruning Service For Residents In And Around Fairhope, Point Clear, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Silverhill, Foley, Robertsdale, Gulf Shores, And Mobile Alabama

Tree Trimming And Pruning FAQ

How often should my trees be pruned?
A tree should be considered for pruning every 2-5 years, depending on health, location, and growth rate. Consulting with a qualified arborist is the best option.

What is the best time of year to prune? 
Most trees can be pruned almost any time of year. There is a brief period of time in the Spring when tree sap is flowing fastest and the chances of tearing bark on a pruning cut are most likely. Winter is also a great time to prune trees and because it is our slowest time of year, we may be able to offer winter pruning discounts.

How much does tree trimming cost in the Lower Alabama area?

Tree trimming costs vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The proximity to hazards such as buildings and power lines can increase the cost of a tree trimming job. Access to the tree is a major consideration.
  • The number of branches that need to be removed.
  • The health of the tree can factor into the price as some trees are not safe to climb.

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