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Some years it rains plenty during the season and more water is not needed to maintain your lawn. In Lower Alabama, there are usually times during the year that we experience drought. This lack of water combined with high heat can do severe damage to your lawn and landscape. In most yards where you see beautiful lawns there are irrigation systems that “kick-in” to keep proper moisture levels for the grass and the landscape. Keeping the grass watered is a must if you want a happy healthy lawn. Best Tree And Sprinkler Service has installed hundreds of new Irrigation systems within Lower Alabama.

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Sprinkler System FAQ

How can I tell if I have enough water pressure to have a sprinkler system installed?
Our technicians will do a pressure test and design your system to ensure the sprinklers will operate at the optimal pressure effectiveness. Should a larger water meter or pump be required, we will advise you ahead of time about the specific details involving them.

For how much time should I run my sprinklers to water my lawn effectively?
Our technicians will set the time on each zone according to your soil and site conditions after installation. Typically, rotary heads in full sun should run between 30-45 minutes per zone. Spray zones for lawn and shrub can vary, but a 10-15 minute run time would be average. During warmer weather, all new controllers have a seasonal percentage button to increase the time without changing the entire program individually.

How long does it take to install a system and what about my existing lawn and landscape?
The average system will take one to two days to install. We use state-of-the-art equipment to pull the pipe through your lawn. After a few weeks, the seams in the turf will disappear. Our crews are trained to protect your existing landscape and plant material. When digging in shrub beds, our crews take special care not to disturb the roots of your valuable trees and shrubs. They are trained on how to lift existing brick walkways and have the necessary equipment to saw, cut, or bore underneath driveways if needed.

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